The Hottest Trends In Auto Custom Paint Jobs

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For many people, the look of their car is just as much of a fashion statement as the clothes they wear on their backs. Just as in the fashion industry, trends in auto custom paint jobs tend to change every few years, with some styles becoming outdated and others coming back into fashion. Custom painting a car is one of the best ways to keep it looking fresh and stylish on the road.

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The pink color is always the favorite color for auto paint.

In years past, a variety of complex patterns and textures were used to create the most stylish custom paint jobs. Today, automobile owners are going back to the basics as the classic styles of paint are coming back into fashion. Slick colors with a glassy finish are now the preferred look instead of splashes or drips of color.

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Custom auto paint design.

In order to get the desired look, it is important to use a spray gun to get the job done. In the past, do it yourself painters and professionals alike would use brushes and other methods to get the bumps and drips that were en vogue at the time. However, a spray gun is the only method for getting the clear, glassy finish that people prefer today.

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Painted Dodge Van

Another benefit of this style trend is that it typically costs less than the more elaborate designs that were fashionable in the past. When someone gets a custom design or pattern painted on their car, they pay for both the custom art and the actual paint job. Getting a clean coat of a custom color is far less expensive than having someone design custom artwork.

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An eye catching color.

Since the new style of custom painting is so simple, many car owners are trying to do it themselves rather than going to a professional. If this is the route someone wishes to take, they must make sure they allow plenty of time for the project and that they carefully research the proper materials. Doing the job halfway can end up cost far more in the long run than letting a professional do it in the first place.

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A classic auto custom paint.

Trends in auto custom paint jobs change every few years, so it is possible that clean, glossy colors will not be in style for very long. However, when the trend switches back to complicated custom designs, cars with basic paint jobs will be able to convert easily to the new style. The job can be done at home by someone with the necessary equipment and skills, but those without experience may still want to consult with a professional.

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